OTC Bitcoin desk

otc desk

Wunderbit OTC Bitcoin trading for institutional buyers and sellers

#Large amount trading #High volume trading

What is OTC?

Over-the-counter (OTC) or off-exchange trading is done directly between two parties, without the participation of an exchange. Such type of transaction is generally applied in case of the large amount transaction and followed by the list of special conditions.

What we trade

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Terms and Eligibility

  • EUR 50,000.00 minimum transaction
  • SEPA Transfers
  • EU company
  • Eligibility subject to AML/KYC and other requirements

Benefits of working with OTC Bitcoin desk

  • Privacy
  • Same-Day Settlement 
  • Expertise and insights
  • Deep liquidity
  • Regulated
    • EU license for cryptocurrency exchange services
  • Support

How it works

1. Sign up

Get started by simply emailing [email protected] with your inquiry. When you decide you want to buy or sell a large amount of digital assets over-the-counter, begin by approaching the Wunderbit OTC desk and completing the onboarding documentation.

2. Onboarding

To become an OTC client you must go through the standard Wunderbit onboarding process, obtaining the highest level of verification, to enable large transactions.
All OTC clients are required to provide various types of documentation such as a Government ID, Proof of Residency and Proof of Income.

3. Send request

Write an email with your request, it can be as simple as:
You: “I would like to buy 100 Bitcoin.”
Wunderbit: “I can sell 100 Bitcoin at a price of 6,000 EUR per Bitcoin.”

4. Send funds

After confirming the request, wait for a confirmation of the transaction via email. In this email, you’ll find SEPA instructions for the bank account, where you will send the funds.

5. Confirm order

After receiving funds, Wunderbit OTC will contact you to confirm the current price offer.
Once you confirm the offer, your order will be processed.

6. Complete order

Wunderbit OTC will send the assets to the specified wallet address, along with a confirmation email to your inbox, and the order is complete.