Wunderbit Weekly Cryptonews 17.1.2019

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Bitcoin news

Bitcoin to reach new adoption and price heights in 2019

According to Weiss Ratings, 2019 will be Bitcoin’s best year yet.

The firm projects increased adoption rates for BTC and lower interest in altcoins.

As a result, BTC is likely to surpass its all-time price high.

Bitcoin reached its previous peak of $19,891 in December 2017.


Over 1,000 new BTC mining rigs to start working in Mongolia

Mongolian firm Ginco Mongol will add 1,000+ machines to its mining farms in 2019.

This will effectively triple the company’s current mining capacity.

Over the last few years, Mongolia has experienced a crypto mining boom.

This is largely attributed to the country’s cheap electricity supply.


Scammers attempting to profit from ETC and ETH hardforks

Guarda identified multiple fraud operations related to the upcoming hardforks.

Several websites promise to allow users to gain crypto on new chains.

Instead of giving out crypto, they harvest information about users’ private keys.

Ethereum Nowa and Ethereum Classic Vision were mentioned as examples of such scams.