Why Should I Buy Bitcoin Instantly at Wunderbit?

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Wunderbit makes trading Bitcoin safe, simple, and secure.

Buy and sell Bitcoin in just a few clicks

Our exchange allows you to get into Bitcoin quickly and effortlessly. There are no complicated setup procedures to suffer through. No clunky, difficult-to-navigate UI to fight against. And no confusing technical jargon to decode. Just register, verify your account, and start trading now!

A licensed, regulated financial institution you can trust

Enjoy security and peace of mind for your assets by working with a government-licensed, fully regulation-compliant financial institution. Wunderbit is officially licensed as a provider of exchange services between virtual and fiat currencies (license number FVR000332). We are fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, including those on anti-money laundering, transaction security, protection against fraud, and data privacy.

Get into crypto risk-free and avoid buying ‘dirty’ Bitcoin

Want to start using cryptocurrencies, but are afraid of the potential risks? 

Cryptocurrency adoption is increasing every day, and you don’t want to lag behind. But many exchanges are filled with 'dirty' coins connected with criminal activities and money laundering. Possessing such funds might attract the attention of law enforcement, revenue services, and other legal authorities. In some cases, they might even be seized.

Wunderbit’s world-class anti-money laundering, source-tracing, and identity verification procedures ensure that every Bitcoin you buy is legitimate. Feel confident in your investment and avoid unwanted surprises by buying and selling Bitcoin from a trusted, accredited source.

Sign up now and start trading Bitcoin today!